I love photography ó the excitement of capturing a moment in time as the scene before you changes (sometimes unexpectedly) is unbeatable. Being lucky enough to be able to combine my creative flair with my love of the natural world is a fantastic feeling. And inspiring people with my images, whether through sheer beauty, humour or compassion, is my ultimate aim.

My passion for photography extends past the natural world, too. I enjoy documenting all kinds of events from weddings to formal dinners, outdoor education to family fun days, and find the fast-pace of capturing the right moment extremely rewarding. Iím particularly keen on reportage-style photography where my subjects look natural and relaxed, but Iím also just as at ease with formal portraits.

I use a range of professional equipment to achieve the highest quality photos I can in the different settings that I work in Ė from studios to windswept hills. I work on Nikon cameras and use Sigma lenses which are excellent quality and value for money.

Click on the link on the side of the page to browse through my extensive gallery of images or to search for a particular photo. Iím uploading photos all the time, so do keep popping back to see whatís new.

Photos for publications
Looking for an image? From stoats to stiles, beaches to buildings, I have a wide range of images available for purchase. Search through my gallery or drop me a line if you have a specific requirement. Rates for stock photos start from £20 per image for one-off use, depending on requirements. Contact me to find out more.

Commission Helen
Perhaps youíre searching for an image and just canít find the right thing? Or you need help documenting a special day? From open days to award ceremonies, cities to rural landscapes, wildflowers to rare breeds... Iíd be happy to discuss any requirements you have for capturing that perfect picture; simply drop me a line.

Are you unable to tell your aperture from your focal length? Have you just bought a new camera and want to get to know it better? Or do you need a helping hand to get your compositions to be top notch? Whatever your photography questions, Lonely Cottage Productions can help you out by providing individual tuition. Just click on the link at the side of the page to find out more.

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